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The longer term will most likely be rocky for auto firms unable to improve returns on capital. Even in the United States , there are minority groups which can be classified as highly “traditional”, none of them practicing attachment parenting. Amish mothers for example co-sleep with their infants, but only for the first several months; 136 they never let their infants and toddlers out of view, but they don’t wear them while they are working. 137 From very early on, Amish children are raised to serve God, family, and community rather than to express their own needs. 138 The infants of orthodox Jews traditionally sleep in cradles 139 In communities where there is no eruv , Jewish parents are not allowed to carry their children about on Shabbat 140 Native Americans traditionally used cradleboards which could be worn, but which involved minimal physical touch of mother and child.

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m_imageOur business technologies and industry-specific solutions bring you closer to your customer—helping you work better together, making new opportunities possible. Home in on the decorating business with your flair for design. Work with local furniture and accessory stores, paint shops, and carpet and drapery outlets to coordinate clients’ interiors. And remember: The key to getting in the door of this business is decorating your own home, first.

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