How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby for a Young Couple

The presence of a baby not only drains energy and emotion but also raises concerns for some new parents. Many parents, especially new ones have children, are confused in caring for newborns.

Maybe you have made various preparations to welcome the baby’s presence since long ago, but still, you need a big adjustment because your new role is now as a parent.

Some of the things below must be considered when caring for a newborn:

Keep Baby Clean And Safe

Keep your hands clean when you want to hold or hold a newborn baby. Wash your hands first before touching your child so he can avoid germs and viruses. Be careful when holding a newborn baby, especially the way you hold the baby’s head and neck. Never shake your baby when you wake or calm him because it can cause bleeding in the brain. Also, limit the way we play with babies. Don’t throw a catch or shake the baby on your knee, because it’s dangerous.

Bathing The Baby

Do not bathe the child before the cord is dislodged and the navel area dries. Enough with the washcloth. After the umbilical cord is dislodged, bathe the baby with shampoo and soap specifically designed for the condition of the skin. Other supporting objects that are mandatory to bathe the newborn are soft towels and baby bathtubs. If you are worried that the product used can cause irritation, talk to your doctor.

Change Diapers

One of the newborn’s treatments that are considered difficult is to install diapers. You might change diapers up to 10 times a day. This depends on the intake received by the baby. Generally, babies who are formula fed from birth will pee more often and defecate than babies who are given ASI.

Meanwhile, the baby first defecates after a day or two of his birth. The newborn baby feces in the form of black meconium. Meconium itself consists of mucus, amniotic fluid, and everything that is swallowed by a baby while in the fetus.

Give Milk

Generally, babies need to be fed 8-15 times a day. This is because the baby’s stomach capacity is still very small. Follow your child as often as possible, without having to wait for him to cry or shout first. When crying, the baby is more difficult to swallow milk because his tongue is not in the right position to drink fluids. Maybe at first breastfeeding, your baby will be difficult. But over time, your baby and you will increasingly master this process.

Important Advice For Parents

Caring for a newborn baby is synonymous with fatigue throughout the day. Not infrequently, many parents are hit by excessive pressure. Especially if you only have the first child. For that reason, the first thing that must be considered is how parents manage the pressure. Some of the following can be applied to manage pressure when caring for a newborn:

Maintain Physical Conditions

Although caring for a newborn is often associated with lack of sleep, avoid consuming caffeine. Keep eating healthy foods, enough daily fluid needs, and always make sure to breathe fresh air. In order to stay in shape, sleep together with your baby’s bedtime. Asking your partner to replace you at night can also be done.

Do Not Be Afraid

Seeing the small and vulnerable little newborn might make you and your partner feel worried about not being able to take good care of him. But anxiety will decrease if it is discussed together. In addition, laughing happily with your baby and partner can describe the fear you feel. Don’t worry and not be confident in carrying out daycare for your child, such as changing diapers or soothing him when crying. At first, it may seem stiff, but over time you will get used to it.

Postpone Other Work First

Don’t push yourself too hard to do things that are usually done before the birth of your baby. Cleaning the house and washing clothes can be postponed first, so as not to get too tired when caring for a newborn baby. You can also save energy by reducing activities that usually take a long time, such as cooking. If before your child is used to preparing a perfect dinner, then now it is enough to serve easily processed foods. Of course, that doesn’t mean you override the nutritional value in it.

Don’t Confine Yourself

When caring for a newborn baby, do not hesitate to leave the house. Fussy babies when inside the house, maybe cheerful when invited to go out of the house to just take a walk to breathe fresh air. Having a baby also does not mean limiting relationships with your friends and family. Every now and then, let them help care for your baby. Don’t refuse when they want to hold a baby or help look after your child. This help can save your energy.