How To Put A Baby To Sleep With A Pacifier

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Messy, wild play outdoors is seen as a perfectly natural, even cherished, part of childhood in Scandinavian society and parents welcome muddy boots, scraped knees and piles of filthy clothes as proof that their children had a good day filled with adventure and exploration. Scandinavians happily forgo both pocket-sized hand sanitizers and chlorine-infused toy-cleaning routines, and don’t panic if their charges happen to sample a clump of dirt. Recent studies suggest that they’re on to something, as microbes in the soil may help kids — and their immune systems — become more resilient to allergies and asthma. The subjects of those studies? Americans.

In a family home in picture-pretty Oxfordshire, four women and seven toddlers are, respectively, drinking tea and causing chaos. The children, aged between 13 months and four years, are doing what children of those ages do: quarrelling over toys and bellowing for their mothers. The women are discussing the kinds of things modern mothers discuss: the evils of sleep training, the joys of hypnobirthing. Rebecca, whose house we are in, sets cake down for her friends just as her 19-month-old son toddles up to demand some milk.