Four Tips for Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

After months of anticipation, it’s finally time to start planning the baby shower. By the time your friend or relative is in her third trimester, she’ll likely appreciate the opportunity to spend some time having fun with family and friends before the baby arrives. Whether you’re hosting a smaller, intimate gathering with close family and friends or want to arrange a larger and more lavish event, a baby shower is the perfect way to give any mum-to-be some pampering. With so much to plan, we’ve gathered some top tips to help you put together the perfect event.

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Tip #1. Plan Ahead:

When it comes to planning the perfect baby shower, it’s a good idea to start early so you’ve got the time to plan an event that your friend or relative will never forget. Bear in mind that it’s a very personal event that can be planned … Read more

How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby for a Young Couple

The presence of a baby not only drains energy and emotion but also raises concerns for some new parents. Many parents, especially new ones have children, are confused in caring for newborns.

Maybe you have made various preparations to welcome the baby’s presence since long ago, but still, you need a big adjustment because your new role is now as a parent.

Some of the things below must be considered when caring for a newborn:

Keep Baby Clean And Safe

Keep your hands clean when you want to hold or hold a newborn baby. Wash your hands first before touching your child so he can avoid germs and viruses. Be careful when holding a newborn baby, especially the way you hold the baby’s head and neck. Never shake your baby when you wake or calm him because it can cause bleeding in the brain. Also, limit the way we play … Read more