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Baby & Child is the essential UAE Parenting Magazine for parents and parents to be. Named after her excellent, highly recommended blog Science of Mom , Alice Callahan’s new book picks up where Oster’s left off. Like Oster, Callahan has a PhD, but hers is in nutrition, and she puts it to good use in a book that covers nearly everything you could want to know about a baby’s first year. Callahan opens with a chapter called Show Me the Science” which does an excellent job of explaining how science is conducted. She reviews the types of studies and their relative reliability, causation vs. correlation, what the numbers mean and how to evaluate risk. She’s swift yet thorough in covering what amounts to the first semester of an epidemiology class, and she doesn’t neglect to explain where science can fall short. Science continued to be a refuge for me as I worked on the book, even as I recognized its limitations,” she writes late in the book, and it’s a sentiment I could relate to myself.

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